Thursday, November 24, 2011

Are You Trapped by Tradition? Free Shipping for Thanksgiving Weekend & Cute Pic of April the Draft Horse Pigging Out

"April Pigs Out for Thanksgiving" photograph by Melissa Klein
Draft horses eat like hobbits - Breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner, supper etc. and probably some other eating occasions that are very important and sacred to their day.  In other words - every day is Thanksgiving!  Particularily when they get into the hay storage tent or break out their "pasture" and go over to the neighbors or break into one of the areas which we have roped off with electric fencing to try to encourage grass to grow.  Luckily, they are really easy to catch - they stop as soon as there is edible grass - in one case, about 3 feet outside the fence.

New Paintings in Artfire Store!
Free Shipping thru Monday 11/28!
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 If you order cards at the same time as an original artwork, shipping is free on the cards - use the coupon code EveryStupidHoliday to take off shipping on cards.

Saturday December 10, 2011
118 1/2 E Front, Port Angeles, WA

5-8:30pm Gallery Reception
8:30-??? Rockin with Super Trees Band
Wine Pour by Harbinger Winery

I am very excited to announce "Every Stupid Holiday" - a solo show at Studio Bob offering gifts of art as an alternative for the "holiday shopping challenged.” Harbinger Winery will be pouring a selection of their splendid wines while “Super Trees” rocks out after the gallery reception.  The Art Front Gallery artists will be in the space next to Studio Bob - ceramics, paintings, jewelry and more! In the weeks following the event, I will be holding gallery hours - which will be announced at a later date.  

Try to "be the change that you want to see" with celebrating the season. "Every Stupid Holiday"  will feature a variety of artwork - with many options for gift giving - from $4 cards, framed & signed prints, small original works for under $100 as well as large-scale new works.  Crackle milk paint, photographs and circus posters - oh my!

"Are You Trapped by Tradition?" 
This Thanksgiving, I have decided to lay low - in part to keep focused on producing work for the upcoming Studio Bob show "Every Stupid Holiday" (Saturday 12/10 5pm-?? - more info below) so I've managed to use one stupid holiday to get out of another.  While I love getting together with family for the traditional meals, and have hosted some "Full Frontal Turkey Dinners" complete with a screaming nephew and a long-distance phone call from my big sister in Boston (who wasn't even coming) with a "You cannot not do the refrigerator rolls that Mom has been making since before we were born!" (Yeah, I caved - but they are good.), this feels right for right now.  I think that the main reason why people feel trapped by the holidays is because they don't feel like they have any options.  So the challenge is - challenge the tradition: make your own.  Tradition is wonderful, if it's enjoyable - if not, then look to make changes and make it more meaningful.  For me, I realized that I need to taking a break and not try and do everything - like everyone else - so much of my time is spent trying to juggle different roles and responsibilities.  This was one that I could let go - and it was a big sigh of relief.  Who knows? Next year might be time for another "Full Frontal Turkey" event - complete with screaming nephews and nieces.  Which would be very enjoyable.

I'm working on a new batch of crackle milk paint backgrounds.  The weather has been so wet and humid, I didn't want to take any chances with the paint not curing properly.  So, I brought the studio tables into the dining room area of our house - and have been happily working next to the kitchen area and the refrigerator and all the food.  I'm experimenting with some new color pallets - and a larger format.   Hawthorne's saddle is in the corner.  Trying to find a saddle that fits Hawthorne and my 6'4" husband was harder than finding jeans that fit. Also, notice the totally chees-ey horse figurines on the windowsill.