Monday, May 13, 2013


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Artist Entrepreneur Boot Camp

Graphic Novels & Comics

Learn how to create art AND sell it!  Explore your creative side using a wide range of materials - from watercolor to acrylic to airbrush to collage to mixing it all up. This year's theme is graphic novels and comics - tell your story in pictures and know how to  publish your work in print and online.

Learn entrepreneurship skills using social marketing, selling online and in alternative spaces. These skills can be applied to any field - from rockin' the senior presentation to starting your own business! (even if it's not in the arts)

Completed 8th graders to age 21 who have not yet earned a high school diploma.  Students will earn .5 credit for high school.  Beginners welcome.

905 West 9th Street Port Angeles, Washington 98363
Mon-Fri       June 25th-July 13th      9am-3:30pm

Submit form to Skills Center to register:

Melissa Klein is a local artist and art teacher. She has shown in Philadelphia, Kauai and the Olympic Peninsula. Her artwork is in private collections, featured in books/magazines, and murals. Clients include the EPA, Makah Nation, City of Portland, North Olympic Library and the Kauai Children's Discovery Museum. She earned a BFA from the University of Pennsylvania (1990) and a Masters of Initial Teaching from Gonzaga University (2003). Her work is centered around mythology - both new and existing stories. She teaches Commercial Art at the North Olympic Peninsula Skills Center in Port Angeles. The mantra of the program is "Art is a medium to learn business skills."

Art by © Melissa Klein - see store for details