Sunday, September 25, 2011

Getting Off The Struggle Bus

Naissance (Birth)

Breaking out of a shell isn't easy - and while it may be difficult, and uncomfortable, it's a necessary transition to a new life. The baby dragon is the birth of a new idea and phase in life. The Red Dragon can be understood as either the protective mother or as the baby matured into a powerful adult. 

I was in a dark place when I did this piece - really worried about a work situation, but kept painting anyway. Then I realized - that it was going to be OK.  Because the dragon is a symbol that I have identified with since very early childhood.  

It symbolizes self-nurturing and celebrating a new phase in life.

Hi Everyone,

It has been an incredible summer with many personal and professional breakthroughs. My website has been completely revamped with new galleries that work on android/smart phones, and the iPad, and a store with cards on archival card stock and original art which will be updated with new items every few days. Any feedback is welcome and appreciated.

To thank you, I am offering 25 computer desktop images. They are divided between crackle milk paint images, "circus poster" works and photography. I am launching a short newsletter of newest work, inspirations, and anything funny, often involving our animals (Yes, it's true. Hawthorne, our 1800lb gorgeous black Percheron draft horse drools and sticks out his tongue! He also licks babies.) I've decided to use a more professional mail server called Mail Chimp so that the layouts can be more pleasing, and to ensure that it's a better managed, clean list.

This past spring, I felt stuck and knew that I needed to do something different. I decided to take a class in how to "Uplevel Your Business" by Christine Kane. It changed how I looked at my art and life.  One of the many "Ah-ha!" moments was when I realized that I cannot continue to teach full-time+ hours and pursue my passion as an artist.  I successfully negotiated to work half-days this year.  It was a scary decision - but also a relief. I felt like I was getting off of the "Struggle Bus."  Another realization was I could offer so much more than I had in the past:  better service, inspiration, funny stories, tips on creativity and breaking through blocks and updates on new work.

One thing that has really kept me going was having your support. That you are interested, and care about the kind of work that I do. Even if you couldn't come to an opening, the kind things that many of you wrote, really helped. Just knowing that you were willing to let me keep you informed is a vote of confidence. 

Please go to my website and sign up for your newsletter and 25 computer desktop images. Again, I can't thank you enough for your support and am looking forward to sharing this chapter.  As always, I will never, ever sell or disclose your email address.

May you enjoy the last days of warmth and have a beautiful fall.

Best Wishes, 

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