Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Evolution Revolution

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I’m very pleased and happy to announce that I’m one of the featured artists at Whim Gallery this month. The opening is Friday March 7th from 6 to 8pm. 100 Winslow Way West, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110. Come out for the Bainbridge First Friday Artwalk - it’s totally fab!

Here’s a picture of some of the fabulous pottery that they have on display… When I was dropping off my work, I had to keep telling myself “Back. Away. From the pottery!” Gorgeous stuff and very reasonable prices.

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Evolution Revolution
by Melissa Klein

Photo by Melissa Klein

Lately, it seems like so many of my friends, colleagues and students are having a hard time. Me too; the last few weeks have. kicked. my. ass. Both personally and professionally. I don’t know if it’s just the fact that January and February are still so…. dark or something deeper and also more global. The internet seems awash with speculation about how the world is shifting (duh) and how we are on the cusp of some new phase in our cosmic evolution. 

I think that one consequence of these shifts is that we are being forced to let go of things that we still want to cling onto… things that don’t work or are no longer relevant for our lives. 

Here is an example - when I came home, this was on the kitchen table:

Graphite iBook photo by Melissa Klein

My husband had dug out my old Graphite iBook from the closet. Its hard to believe that I wrote my Masters thesis on something that doesn't have as much power as the average smart phone. I bought it with the windfall from the sale of our grand piano, and even at the time it seemed a weird trade: a beautiful classical instrument for something that would so quickly become obsolete. No one in my family had played it in years, and it had a cracked sound board - an expensive professional repair we couldn’t afford. Still there was some ambivalence in letting this beautiful instrument that was a glorified dust catcher go.

The iBook helped me get my Masters. I enjoyed it every time I used it, but then it got slower… and slower… and the operating system wouldn’t work with most programs… and it was clearly time to get a new computer. 

But I hung onto this “just in case…” It’s obvious that it needs to be listed on eBay and/or Craigs List to be sold to a collector who will truly appreciate it or headed to the recycling program to be turned into something more useful.

"Captain’s World" - photo by Melissa Klein

Our dog, Captain has been struggling with an eye disorder these last several months that culminated in him having an operation to remove an eye. I initially felt really bad about it. To lose an eye is a horrible thing. And then I noticed that he had more energy and could now see better out of his remaining eye because it wasn’t being interfered with by the swelling in the bad eye. The lesson? Even something as precious as an eye can be a relief to let go of, if it isn’t working.
Evolutionary Tales by Melissa Klein 

Fossil records buried in the stone. Excavating our histories and how all species are entwined. There is a nod to how perhaps computers will become another phase in evolution.

I recently attended a lecture by the fabulous Ray Troll - he’s an artist who is an enthusiastic paleontologist. He talks shop with university museum paleontologists and is an enthusiastic promoter of little known extinct animals for example, a shark with with teeth that grow in a spiral - like a circular saw. The great thing about seeing all of these fossil remains and his recreations of the animals, was realizing how we are all sharing in evolution and what David Attenborough refers to as “the tapestry of life.” Evolution involves change and releasing of old forms so that new ones can arise.

My mom and I are working on a talk at the North West Center for Creative Aging this month - we excavated the old photo albums and it brought back many memories. We also laughed a lot about everything - and there lies the key - to let go with laughter. Here’s a totally goofy photo that was taken in Cape May of my family circa 1981? I have the parasol. We were all told not to smile so that it would be more like a real Victorian photograph - my dad just couldn’t help himself!

It’s March now, and I can see crocuses and snow drops and mini daffodils poking up. Clear the space so that the flowers can grow.

"Thank you Flowers" by Melissa Klein

Here’s to your highest evolution!

So - what do you need to let go of in order to evolve? Please post below...

Thanks for reading - and I hope to see you soon!

Best Wishes,


“Naissance" by Melissa Klein

 Right Brain Activities Solve Problems

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  1. Hi Melissa,

    I enjoyed your blog post. I especially liked your painting "Naissance" and was also amazed to see that Captain looks so much like our beloved dog Wilson, who finally succumbed to lymphoma in early January. Letting go was hard, but necessary when breathing became a struggle. He was our first dog, and we all grew through the years as we bonded and looked out for each other. Evolution since we lost him has been harder, but part of life as well.

    Hope you have a happy spring!


    1. Thanks so much Kerrie! I know what you mean about having a beloved pet - my family tends to connect certain times in our lives to when we had certain pets. Losing a pet marks the end of an era. They sure do leave paw prints in our hearts.